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Happy D-Days from Brevard, NC!

October 15, 2014

Happy D-Days from Brevard, North Carolina!!

My alma mater had their 100th annual homecoming celebration this past weekend.  As much as it killed me not to be in Vermillion toasting a Bloody Mary with my USD friends at Carey’s, I was able to visit someone just as special to me.  Our destination:  Brevard, North Carolina!  Why?…Because we both wanted to go somewhere we had never been and I was wanted a reprieve from big-city living.  D.F. is a HUGE city, and I have really been missing the simple pleasures; the peace and quiet of smaller town life, having the ability to get in a car and drive with cruise control, and wide open spaces. Because D.F. also has mild/somewhat perfect weather year-round, I have also been missing the change in the leaves during fall.  Therefore, Brevard was perfect for a fall getaway! Brevard is near the entrances of Pigsah National Forest and DuPont State Forest, so we were able to see a lot of waterfalls and drive along the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway.  Here’s a few photos from our weekend.


After climbing Richland Balsam – the highest point along the Blue Ridge Parkway.


Path trail on the way to the summit of the Richland Balsam summit.


Our view from the Blue Ridge Mountain Parkway!



Looking Glass Falls – Pigsah National Forest.



All in all, it was so wonderful to visit the great views, cozy town, wonderful food, and the best company…I don’t think I could’ve asked for anything better.



Thanks for the great weekend!